Presidents Message

Dear Members,

Once again we are at the end of another year and preparing for Christmas again. The year 2015 has been an interesting one indeed.

During 2015 we have had our athletes competing in a number of national and international events, all with distinction while representing their local group, state or national team. The most significant event was the Global Games in Ecuador where our athletes, in adverse conditions, showed the other 30 odd countries how good they were by finishing again on top of the medal table, a great effort indeed.

As we end the year Ausrapid has emerged as a new entity, Sport Inclusion Australia. This was a major decision for the Board to take to our Members, however I am pleased to report that they supported the change unanimously. In addition we moved to bring Vicsrapid under the SIA umbrella as well so we can better assist the development of opportunities for our athletes in Victoria – Sport Inclusion Victoria.

When significant changes such as these are proposed, it is a major consideration for our Members, so I have to thank them for their support and confidence.

Whilst in thank you mode, I must also thank our Board and our staff for their hard work and continued dedication over the year. It has been a year of challenge, but we can look back upon some very significant results.

On behalf of the Board and staff can I wish you all a very Happy Festive Season, may you find time to relax, remember those friends who have left our sides, but importantly look forward to the New Year ahead.

Thank you and my personal best wishes, we look forward to 2016.

Merry Christmas,

Wayne Bird