Global Games 2023

The 2023 Virtus Global Games will be held in Vichy France from 4-10 June. Australia has a proud record as Virtus Global Games finishing on top of the medal table at all Games except the first where we finished second. Sport Inclusion Australia is working with National Sporting Organisations (NSOs)  to prepare teams in the following sports: Athletics, Basketball, Cycling (Track and Road), Equestrian, Futsal, Judo, Rowing (On water and Indoor), Swimming, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, and Tennis

The Games will also feature other sports such as Karate, Handball and Hockey, and will see II-3 athletes compete with full medal status for the very first time.

The Australian Team

Head of Delegation: Robyn Smith OAM
Team Coordinator: Tracy Lawrence
Team Admin: Holly Mead
Sport Managers: Chantel Lewis, Sam Medlin
Doctor: Ursula Read
Medical Support: Jonathan Iskander, Holly Pointon, Ross Ashcroft
Media: Annemarie White
Photographer: Michael Thomson

Aaron Houston (NSW), Amelia Mazzei (NSW), Annabelle Rodgers (NSW), Belinda Slatter (Qld), Blake Carr (NSW), Ebonie Cooper (Qld), Eliesha Byrt (Vic), Malachi Canning (NSW), Ethan Parry (Qld), Georgia Powning (Vic), Hugo Taheny (SA), Jack Connors (NSW), Kobi-Lee Dyer (VIC), Kyle McIntosh (NSW), Liam Griffett (VIC), Lillee Wakefield (SA), Lindsey Hendy (Qld), Lleyton Lloyd (NSW), Malachi Canning (NSW), Rebecca Mathers (Tas), Riley Mann (Qld), Sam LeFeuvre (Qld), Sammy Muamba (NSW), Stephanie Schweitzer (NSW), Telaya Blacksmith (NSW), Timon Sideris (SA), Timothy D’Abrera (ACT), Phoebe Mitchell (VIC)
Staff: Anula Costa (Head Coach), Matt Rawlings (Coach), Sharyn Dickson (Coach), Des Davis (Coach), Shanen Layden (Manager), Jorge Fernandez (Carer), Amelia Lee (Carer)

Basketball Men (5 x 5)
Brayden Cowell (TAS), Frazer Dawber (VIC), Jake De La Motte (VIC), Keenan Georg-Dent (SA), Zachary Georg-Dent (SA), Jack Gilbertson (NSW), Jack Innella (VIC), Brad Kinross (SA), Justin Koenig (ACT), James Myers (VIC), Matthew Farrar (VIC), James Doyle (NSW),
Staff: Julia Walsh (Head Coach), Daniel Fabien (Manager), Ryan Holloway (Asst Coach), Emma Neilson (Asst Coach), Gaylene McKay (Physio)

Basketball Women (3 x 3)
 Brittany Anderson (ACT), Taylor Anderson (ACT), Jasmin Funnell (ACT), Montana  Haag (VIC), Madilyn Janssen (ACT), Jessica McCulloch (VIC), Evangeline Patterson (VIC ), Louwanna Sheridan (ACT), Mackenzie Wills (NSW), Mia Wilson (VIC)
Staff: Larry Davidson (Head Coach), Joanne Larkin (Asst Coach), Sally Duncan (Manager), Kara Nolan (Physio), Hamish Patterson (Photographer)

Athletes: Andre Ascui (VIC), Harry Mezger (VIC), Cameron Marshall (VIC), Nathan Glarvey (Qld), Jamieson Whiteley (VIC), Oliver Hutchison (Qld), Georgia Powning (VIC), Montana Whiteley (VIC), Molly Thatcher (VIC)
Staff: Jans Koerts (Head Coach), Liz Gosper (Manager), Pat Kerlin (Mechanic)

Athletes: Andrew Driffield (NSW), Sui Watts (NSW), Sarah Sherwood (Qld)
Staff: Mary Longden (Head Coach), Jennifer-Ann Carroll (Manager), Sally Francis (Coach), Rachael Frechette (Carer)

Athletes: Bradley Bettens (SA), Tycen Heeger* (VIC), Andrew Hoatson (ACT), Joshua Long (QLD), Samuel Mills (SA), Rocco Mucumeci (NSW), Samson Samason (VIC), Brad Southwell (NSW), Nathan Whalen (NSW), Ayden Brenton (SA)
Staff: Greg Brown (Head Coach), Trudy Bartlett (Coach)

‘*’ – Subject to eligibility

Athletes: Robert Girdwood (WA), Phoebe Ladlow (TAS), Tobias Sampson (TAS), Lillee Wakefield (SA), Liam Hudson (SA)
Staff: Dawn Santos (Head Coach), Lewis Willing (Coach)

Athletes: Mac Russell (Qld), Aaron Skinner (VIC), Julia Story (NSW), Bronte Marshall (NSW)
Staff: Michael Russell (Head Coach), Kathleen Hextell (Coach)

Athlete: Joshua Alford (ACT), Bailey Stewart (QLD), Jarred Dyer (NSW), Darren Sisman (NSW), Liam Schluter (QLD), Maddison Hinds (NSW), India Biesse-Fitton (VIC), Jade Lucy (NSW), Kael Thompson (QLD), Airlie Davis (QLD), Charles Wilkins (SA), Bradley Doolan (VIC), Russell Booysen (QLD), Ryan McGrane (VIC), Katrina Coffey (NSW), Alexander Hejaij (NSW), Jakob Thompson (NSW), Gabriel Cregan (SA), Isaac Howells (NSW), Amelia Moore (NSW), Gabriella Howells (NSW), Bel Dabic (WA)
Staff: Herbie Howard (Head Coach), Michael Abel (Coach), Patrick Donachie (Coach), Matthew McSorley (Coach), Tracy Lawrence (Manager), Kellie Keen (Asst Manager)

Table Tennis
Athlete: Sam von Einem
Staff: Alois Rosario (Coach)

Athletes: Chae Yon Seo (Qld), Jack Arrah (WA), Damon Vasterink (VIC)
Staff: Karen Doyle (Coach), Kyung Hyun Seo (Coach)

Athlete: Kelly Wren (NSW), Carla Lenarduzzi (VIC), Breanna Tunny (QLD), Andriana Petrakis (SA), Archie Graham (QLD), Mitchell James (QLD), Damian Phillips (NSW), Luke Barker (QLD), Tim Gould (QLD), Simon Ma (NSW), Hunter Thompson (QLD)
Staff: Alison Scott (Head Coach), Jay Schuback (Manager), Danielle Gescheit (TA Rep), Steve Manley (Coach), Lance Everett (Coach)



All athletes selected to represent Australia at the Global Games have or are in the process of meeting:



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2023 Virtus Global Games



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