Boomerangs set to take on World’s Best

Sport Inclusion Australia and Basketball Australia have pleasure in announcing the players to represent Australia in the men’s Basketball competition at the 2019 INAS Global Games.

Known as the Boomerangs, the men’s basketball team features seven players that won Bronze at the last INAS Basketball World Championships in Italy in 2017 (Jake De La Motte (VIC), Joshua Cleary (TAS), Wayne Kinross (SA), Brad Kinross (SA), Justin Koenig (ACT), James Myers (VIC) and Frazer Dawber (VIC)).  South Australian brothers Keenan and Zachary Georg-Dent along with Victoria’s James DeBetta and Ryan Briggs are making their debut in the Green and Gold.

Head Coach Julia Walsh will take the Boomerangs into her first INAS Global Games after a long preparation period.  “We have a very experienced team of players that have competed at previous INAS Global Games and World Championships and along with our new players they have all worked very hard over the past 12 months to prepare for these Games.” Walsh said.

The Boomerangs have never finished higher than third and with the current European and World Championship Gold medallist France and Silver medallists Portugal coming, the Boomerangs will have to be at their best, but with the top point scorer from the last INAS World Championships and Australian Ivor Burge Championships, Jake De La Motte in good form the team are confident of matching it with their European opponents and hopefully achieving their best ever result.

“It has been a pleasure to watch this team come together and develop under the tutelage of Julia, they have blended well as a team and we are hopeful of this team improving on the 2017 INAS World Championship Bronze medal”. said Sport Inclusion Australia CEO Robyn Smith.

The INAS Global Games will be held in Brisbane from 12-19 October with the men’s Basketball competition scheduled for 13-19 October.

Boomerangs Basketball team for the 2019 INAS Global Games

Players: Joshua Cleary (Tas), Frazer Dawber (Vic), Jake De La Motte (Vic), James Debetta (Vic), Keenan George-Dent (SA), Zachary George-Dent (SA), Wayne Kinross (SA), Brad Kinross (SA), Justin Koenig (ACT), James Myers (Vic)

Head Coach: Julia Walsh (Vic),

Manager: Glen Jordan (Vic)

Asst Coaches: Damian Clarke (Vic), Ryan Holloway (Vic), Emma Neilson (Vic)

Julia Walsh, Head Coach 0431 731 314
Robyn Smith, CEO Sport Inclusion Australia 0418 979 459

Players on request via Glen Jordan Manager 0415 315 025

About GG2019

The INAS Global Games is a world-class sporting competition for elite athletes with an intellectual impairmentthat represents the peak of sporting achievement. Held once every four years, the Global Games sees competitors from up to 80 countries going for gold and vying for the honour of being recognised as the best in their field.

Over seven intensive days of competition, athletes, officials, volunteers and spectators alike will revel in the spectacle of world-class and friendly rivalry, whilst simultaneously enjoying the welcoming inclusive spirit of the Games. Sports competition will be held in Brisbane bests sporting facilities including Sleeman Sports Complex, Queensland Tennis Centre and Queensland State Athletics Centre to name a few.

The INAS Global Games is a celebration of cultural diversity and allows athletes to compete in a secure, fun and friendly environment. The Games also work to promote INAS’s goals of changing attitudes, challenging perceptions, creating opportunities, developing pathways and strengthening communities.

Ten  Official INAS Sports at the INAS Global Games – Brisbane 2019

·       Athletics

·       Cycling

·       Swimming

·       Tennis

·       Basketball

·       Futsal

·       Table Tennis

·       Cricket

·       Rowing

·       Taekwondo – Poomsae

AFL – will host a Demonstration event (Male AFL Players with intellectual impairment)

Netball – The Marie Little Shield (National Championships for Female netballers with Intellectual Impairment)