The following list of resources provide information about inclusion in sport. We hope these give you some ideas and strategies for consideration.

Lord’s Taverners Australia – Victoria

Softball Australia: Inclusion Resource

Softball Australia: Inspirational Jake is breaking down barriers

Inclusive Case Study

• Redcliffe Golf Club’s inclusion program

Coaching Fact Sheet

Coaching Athletes with an Intellectual Disability

Golf Australia

Golf Australia Inclusion Resource

2016 Sport Inclusion Forum – NSO presentations

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
Cricket Australia

2015 Sport Inclusion Forum – NSO presentations

Inclusive Sport SA presentation
Sport & Recreation Victoria presentation
Global Games presentation

2014 Sport Inclusion Forum – NSO presentations

AFL presentation
Gymnastics Australia presentation
Swimming Australia presentation

Play by the Rules

“7 Pillars of Inclusion”
Sport Inclusion Australia uses the “7 Pillars of Inclusion” as a framework for developing an approach to inclusion. The “7 Pillars of Inclusion” was developed by Play by the Rules and is freely available for organisations to use to help identify strengths and weaknesses in their approach to inclusion across all population groups. The 7 Pillars (Access, Attitude, Choice, Partnerships, Communication, Policy and Opportunity) provides an excellent starting point for NSOs to help identify their goals for inclusion of people with an intellectual disability in their sport.

The NSIA acknowledges ‘Play by the Rules’ for allowing the NSIA to utilise the “7 Pillars of Inclusion” to assist in the development of the alliance.

Lawn Bowls

Find out about how linking schools with local clubs can make a difference to community programs. Local partnerships really do work!

Case Study – Lawn Bowls in NSW
Case Study – Lawn Bowls in WA

Table Tennis

Find out about how building the capacity of local providers can lead to an increase in participation in sport.

Case Study – Table Tennis

Swimming Australia: Inclusion Resources

Fact Sheets
• Aim to educate and influence the swimming community. Tips are also built into various parts of the Coach, Official and Club education programs.

How audits can be used to Impact on Membership

• Provide clubs with information about how to create inclusion policies and strategies as part of the Inclusive Club Standard program.

• Multi Class coaching –
• Classification and Multi class swimming –
• Swimming for people with disability –
• Meet MC swimmers –
• World record swims at trials –
• BHP Billiton Super Series MC events –
• Club Swimming – GO Swim! –

AFL National Inclusion Carnival

AFL have achieved some fantastic outcomes in the area of inclusion in recent times, most notably the National Inclusion Carnival which took place in Melbourne in June 2014. The following video below provides a great snapshot of the event, and shows just what can be achieved by sport when it takes on the role of running an inclusive event for people with a disability.

November 2014 AFL Inclusion presentation – Download PDF here.

Inclusive Swimming Clubs – The Swimming Australia Checklist

Gymnastics Australia

November 2014 Inclusion presentation – Download PDF here.