1992 Paralympics: Athletes with Intellectual Impairment 25 Year Anniversary

The Australian team of athletes with an intellectual disability attended the 1992 Paralympics in Madrid from 15 to 22 September 1992.  Over 1600 athletes competed at the Games across 5 Sports: Athletics, Basketball, Futsal, Swimming and Table Tennis.  Australia competed in all sports except Table Tennis. Australia’s team of 51 athletes and 18 officials finished on top of the medal tally with a total of 31 medals (13 Gold, 10 Silver and 8 Bronze).

Chef de Mission of the Australian team and AUSRAPID official, Marie Little,  acknowledged the historical moment in her opening comments ‘The historical coming together of elite athletes with a disability [on the] Australian Team, albeit competing at two locations in the 1992 Summer Paralympics, Barcelona and Madrid, was a great achievement’

Swimmer Joseph Walker won nine gold medals and newspaper reports likened his medal success to multiple Olympic gold medalist Mark Spitz. Swimmers Joshua Hofer and Rene Hardenbol won five gold medals.  Women’s basketball team now known as the Pearls won the gold medal.

Indigenous athletes Donna Burns and Alice Toogood entertained athletes in the Village with a demonstration of Boomerang  throwing.

When the athletes from Madrid arrived home they were specifically invited and enjoyed the impressive public reception in Sydney. Marie Little described what this meant to those who were involved in the Madrid competition: I don’t think any participant will experience a similar feeling ever – the superb Fairstar dinner and the unbelievable Tickertape Parade were mind blowing – my heart was pumping, my eyes misty, my throat choked – in the crowd British Airways staff, bankers and paper sellers, little kids and their mums and dads, people in wheelchairs and bouncing babies – bands and music, sunshine and cheers. Little concluded: ‘Thanks to all for thanking the Paralympians’

Queen’s Birthday Awards were announced in 1993, the successes of athletes with an intellectually disability were acknowledged by OAMs with the dedication: ‘for service to sport as a gold medallist at the Paralympic Games, Madrid, 1992’


Team Staff

Chef de Mission: Marie T Little OAM

General Team Manager: Jan Sutherland

Administrator: Colleen Bennett

Media Director: Paul Griffiths

Doctor: Susan White

Physiotherapist: Barbara Denson

Male Team Captain: Russell Torrance

Female Team Captain: Sarah Jane Schulze


Women: Madelyn Ehlers, Kaye Freeman, Norma Koplick, Rachel Nugent, Anne Walsh

Men: Wayne Bauer, Anton Flavel, Paul Mitchell, Jason Newman, Michael Stevens, Russell Torrance, Wayne Wright

Head Coach: Scott Goodman

Asst Coach: Robyn Hanson

Manager: Wendy Ey


Women: Lorraine Archer, Tanya Atcheson, Donna Burns, Gladys Delaney, Melissa Gallacher, Fiona Hinds, Annette Kelly, Tina Kenna, Christine Humphries, Alice Toogood

Head Coach: Margaret Sheriff

Manager: Robyn Smith


Men: Michael Atcheson,Michael Glover, David Henry, Tony Hopewell, Mark Konings, John Lettice, Rodney Meddings, Lee Medwin, Dean Papworth, John Wright

Head Coach: Mark Walker

Asst Coach: Tony Guihot


Men: Jurgen Berens, Stephen Choat, John Fitter, Mark Harvey, Rob Lewis, Luis Marcellino, Willy Moen, Raymond Neaves, John Ruiz, Tony Thompson

Head CoachTerry Pearce

Asst Coach: Jack De Cesco

Manager: Bruce Drake


Women: Brigit Bromhead, Sarah Jane Schulze, Stacey Smith, Justine Van Eyssen

Men: Jason Cooper, Rene Hardenbol, Joshua Hofer, Tim Krahe, Joseph Walker

Head Coach: John Boland

Asst Coach: Mark Lucas

Manager: Jill Gates




Gold: Anton Flavel (WA) – Men’s Javelin

Silver: Madelyn Ehlers (QLD) – Women’s Shot Put

Silver: Madelyn Ehlers (QLD) – Women’s Discus

Silver: Paul Mitchell (WA) – Men’s 1500m

Bronze: Anton Flavel (WA) – Men’s High Jump

Bronze: Anton Flavel (WA) – Men’s Discus

Bronze: Kaye Freeman (QLD) – Women’s Javelin

Bronze: Racquel Nugent (QLD) – Women’s Long Jump


Gold: Lorraine Archer (NSW), Tanya Atcheson (NSW), Donna Burns (VIC), Gladys Delaney (VIC), Melissa Gallacher (SA), Fiona Hinds (NSW), Annette Kelly (SA), Tina Kenna (TAS), Christine Humphries (VIC), Alice Toogood (SA)


Gold: Joseph Walker (NSW) – Men’s 100 m Freestyle

Gold: Joseph Walker (NSW) – Men’s 200 m Freestyle

Gold: Joseph Walker (NSW) – Men’s 400 m Freestyle

Gold: Joseph Walker (NSW) – Men’s 50 m Butterfly

Gold: Joseph Walker (NSW) – Men’s 100 m Butterfly

Gold: Rene Hardenbol (WA) – Men’s 200 m Backstroke

Gold: Joshua Hofer (WA) – Men’s 100 m Backstroke

Gold: Joseph Walker (NSW), Joshua Hofer (WA), Rene Hardenbol (WA), Jason Cooper (TAS) – Men’s 4 x 50 m Freestyle

Gold: Joseph Walker (NSW), Joshua Hofer (WA), Rene Hardenbol (WA), Jason Cooper (TAS) – Men’s 4 × 100 m Freestyle

Gold: Joseph Walker (NSW), Joshua Hofer (WA), Rene Hardenbol (WA), Jason Cooper (TAS) – Men’s 4 x 50 m Medley

Gold: Joseph Walker (NSW), Joshua Hofer (WA), Rene Hardenbol (WA), Jason Cooper (TAS) – Men’s 4 × 100 m Medley

Silver: Rene Hardenbol (WA) – Men’s 100 m Freestyle

Silver: Rene Hardenbol (WA) – Men’s 200 m Breaststroke

Silver: Joshua Hofer (WA) – Men’s 50 m Butterfly

Silver: Joshua Hofer (WA) – Men’s 100 m Butterfly

Silver: Joshua Hofer (WA) – Men’s 50 m Backstroke

Silver: Joshua Hofer (WA) – Men’s 200 m Backstroke

Silver: Justine Van Eyssen (SA), Stacey Smith (NSW), Brigid Bromhead (ACT), Sarah-Jane Schulze (NSW) – Women’s 4 × 100 m Freestyle

Bronze: Joshua Hofer (WA) – Men’s 200 m Freestyle

Bronze: Joshua Hofer (WA) – Men’s 400 m Freestyle

Bronze: Justine Van Eyssen (SA), Stacey Smith (NSW), Brigid Bromhead (ACT), Sarah-Jane Schulze (NSW) – Women’s 4 x 50 m Freestyle

Bronze: Justine Van Eyssen (SA), Stacey Smith (NSW), Brigid Bromhead (ACT), Sarah-Jane Schulz (NSW) –  Women’s 4 x 50 m Medley


Paul Mitchell


Anton Flavel (WA): Javelin (Gold)  51.52m, Discus (Bronze) 27.0m, High Jump (Bronze) 1.69m

Kaye Freeman (QLD): Javelin (Bronze) 24.16m

Racquel Nugent (QLD): Long Jump  (Bronze) 4.33m

Madelyn Ehlers (QLD): Discus (Silver) 21.32m, Shot Put (Silver) 8.61m

Paul Mitchell (WA): 1500m (Silver) 4:19:64



Australia 48         France 27 (Donna Burns 22 pts);

Australia 47         Greece 32 (Donna Burns 31 pts);

Australia 65         Brazil 14 (Donna Burns 36 pts, Christine Humphries 13 pts) ;

Australia 60         Great Britain 19 (Annette Kelly 18 pts, Alice Toogood 12 pts, Donna Burns 12 pts).



Australia  53
Greece 21
(Donna Burns 24 pts, Christine Humphries 14 pts, Alice Toogood 8 pts,Annette Kelly 7 pts),

Left to right: Margaret Sheriff (Women’s Head Coach), Tanya Atheson (4), Lorraine Archer (5), Fiona Hinds (6), Tina Kenna (7), Gladys Delaney VIC (8) Donna Burns VIC (9), Christine Humphries VIC (10), Melissa Gallacher SA (11), Annette kelly SA (12), Alice Toogood SA (14), Robyn Smith (Manager).

The Australia women’s 53-21 win over Greece was Australia’s first medal win in Olympic or Paralympic Basketball.



Australia 131  Jordan 13

Australia 65    Great Britain 20 (David Henry 28 points, Tony Hopewell 10 points);

Australia 54    Dominican Republic 111 (Tony Hopewell 20 points, David Henry 14 points);

Australia 19    Puerto Rico 137

Australia finished 7th overall

Australian team member Rodney Meddings at the Madrid Games


Australia 5            Czech and Slovak Republic 1 (Mark Harvey 1, Stephen Choat 1, John Fitter 1, Rob                                 Lewis 1, John Ruiz 1) ;

Australia 3            Germany 3-7 (John Ruiz 2, Mark Harvey 1);

Australia 6            Colombia 0 (Ray Neaves 2, Mark Harvey 2, John Ruiz 2);

Australia 0            Greece 5


Australia finished first on the swimming medal tally winning 23 medals – 11 gold, 7 silver and 5 bronze medals.  Joseph Walker won nine gold medals out of nine events which at the time was unmatched in Australia’s Paralympic history.  Joshua Hofer won eleven medals including five gold. Rene Hardenbol won seven medals including five gold. The Men’s relay team won four gold medals in world record time.  The women’s relay team winning a silver and two bronze medals.

Sarah Jane Schulze at the Madrid Games


Multiple medalists Joshua Hofer (left) with Joseph Walker (right) at the Madrid Games


Athletes Stacey Smith (NSW), Tina Kenna (Tasmania), Tim Krahe (South Australia), Michael Glover (Tasmania) with Team administrator Colleen Bennett in the Australian Team office during the 1992 Madrid Games.


Sui Watts to be Australia’s first representative in INAS Para Equestrian competitions

Sui Watts Dressage 6 September 2017

The 25 year old from Taree in Northern NSW has been riding since she was 4.  A member of the Manning Valley Dressage and Hacking Club, Sui competes in Australia as a Para Equestrian Grade 4 rider under her physical disability.

Sui also has an intellectual impairment which makes her eligible to compete in the INAS competition which is for riders with an intellectual impairment.  The first INAS Para Equestrian competition will be a video competition where riders perform the required dressage routine at their home venue and submit a video for assessment by Para Equestrian judges.

The 2013 and 2015 Riding for the Disabled Grade 3/4 National Champion, Sui completed her first INAS international competition ride on Wednesday 6 September at the Taree Showgrounds under the watchful eyes of parents Paul and Janett Watts and coach Nell Marshman and has now submitted her video through INAS member Sport Inclusion Australia and now anxiously awaits the judges decision.

The high cost of transport of horses and quarantine requirements make a live international competition extremely difficult and expensive, conducting competitions by video enables organisations to conduct an international event at a relatively low cost.

The first Equestrian video competition conducted by INAS has been well received with entries from a number of countries.

Inspired by equestrian events at the 2000 Sydney Paralympics, Sui decided that she wanted to one day represent Australia in Dressage.

“This opportunity to represent Australia has been 17 years in the making, ever since we took Sui to watch the Equestrian events at the Sydney Paralympics, she has dreamed of one day representing Australia.”  said Sui’s mother Janett Watts.

Horses have had an enormous impact on Sui’s life, as a young child she had issues trusting people, working with horses, Sui learnt to trust again and deal with her trust issues with people.  Sui’s life today is consumed with horses, each day she gets up at 5:30am to rug and feed the 6 horses at the family farm on Mitchell’s Island.  Sui trains 6 days a week including lessons with her coach Nell Marshman and when she is not working on the family farm or training, Sui works at Taree Big W and the local YMCA creche.  On weekends Sui can be found at the Taree Showgrounds either competing or volunteering at competitions.

As a teenager Sui was fortunate to meet 5 time Paralympian Jan Pike.  A Para equestrian rider who won two medals at the 2008 Athens Paralympics, Pike has taken Sui under her wing as a mentor over the last ten years.

Sui and her horses have travelled extensively on the East Coast competing in events in South Australia, Victoria, Queensland and NSW including her favourite venue where her dream started, the Sydney International Equestrian Centre.  For 11 years Sui and her horse Bolagamy Accession were inseparable, sadly the 11 year partnership came to an end in 2015 with the horses passing.  Today Sui rides her new favourite mare Springfield Festivity, affectionately known as Reenie.

“It has taken almost two years for Sui and Reenie to form a partnership and now they just keep getting better and better.” Janett Watts

Sui Watts – Taiwan 2012 International Hope Cup

For Sui riding is all about her and her horse doing the best that they can, it doesn’t matter where they come as long as they do their best, and if it doesn’t happen it doesn’t worry her either, she just says “oh well maybe next time” but just like anyone else she does like doing well.

In 2012, Sui, family and coach Nell Marshman travelled to Taiwan for the International Hope Cup which is a dressage event for riders with an intellectual impairment and or physical disability.  The 2012 event featured riders from Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and Australia.  It was a successful trip for Sui and her borrowed Palimino pony Tom, with Sui returning with 3 medals.

“Riding has given Sui an amazing self esteem and developed her confidence, she loves nothing more than being at a horse event chatting to everyone and showing off her gorgeous girl.”  said father Paul Watts.

While the Watts have made an enormous contribution to the riding community, they also appreciate and thank the Taree community for the support that they have provided to Sui.  The Taree community have supported Sui in numerous ways, and as the saying goes – “it really does take a community to raise a child” and the Taree community certainly have played a part.

Riding is an expensive sport, aside from the costs of travelling to events all over the countryside there are also the numerous costs associated with the horses upkeep.  Sui and family have been fortunate to have had great support from Caterflex, which is a joint supplement for both animals and humans, riding older ponies it is very important to keep them in top condition, the support of Caterflex has enabled Sui and family to do just that.


Paul Watts (Sui’s father): 0411 484 563
Robyn Smith Chief Executive Officer, Sport Inclusion Australia: 0418 979 459

Sport Inclusion Australia & Down Syndrome Swimming Australia work together

Sport Inclusion Australia and Down Syndrome Swimming Australia have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to work together to promote opportunities for swimmers with Down Syndrome.

Established in 1986, AUSRAPID was formed to provide opportunities for people with integration difficulties, primarily intellectual disability, Sport Inclusion Australia’s Vision is “Community inclusion through sport”.   Working closely with National Sporting Organisations, Sport Inclusion Australia has been instrumental in ensuring that people with an intellectual impairment have opportunities to participate in the sport of their choice, and through their work with the Australian Paralympic Committee and INAS, athletes also have an elite competition pathway should they choose.

Down Syndrome Swimming Australia was formed in 2004, formerly Down Syndrome Swimming Down Under, to enable swimmers to compete in quality International competition.    The inaugural event was in 2004 and Australia has competed in every event since with great success.

In 2017, INAS and Sport Inclusion Australia have expanded their charter to include athletes with an intellectual disability and significant additional impairment (Down Syndrome) and athletes with high functioning autism.   These changes initiated discussions between Sport Inclusion Australia and Down Syndrome Swimming Australia to work in collaboration to ensure better opportunities and resourcing was provided to swimmers with Down Syndrome.  

“We have worked extremely closely with Down Syndrome Swimming Australia since its inception, due to our shared philosophy, so it is extremely exciting to be signing this MOU to ensure that opportunities for swimmers with Down Syndrome continued to be improved” said Robyn Smith Chief Executive Officer of Sport Inclusion Australia.

With a proven record working with sporting organisations to provide opportunities for athletes with an intellectual disability, and with the changes made to expand their charter to include a wider remit in the intellectual impairment area, Sport Inclusion Australia will now represent athletes with Down Syndrome when liaising with National Sporting Organisations.

“We are pleased to formalise our working arrangements with Sport Inclusion Australia, particularly with the INAS mandate to expand International competition to include our swimmers.” Said Simon Cox, President of Down Syndrome Swimming Australia.

The first INAS event to include Down Syndrome as an additional class will be the 2017 INAS Swimming Championships in Mexico in November, with the 9th Down Syndrome Swimming World Championships to be held in Canada in July 2018.  Locally the Down Syndrome Swimming Australia short course National Championships will be held in Geelong from the 23rd to 24th of September. 


Robyn Smith
Chief Executive Officer – Sport Inclusion Australia
0418 979 459

Simon Cox
President – 
Down Syndrome Swimming Australia
0411 868 497

Boomerangs Return to Italy for World Championships

Bronze medal playoff in Loano in 2011 v Portugal

The Australian Men’s Basketball team for players with an intellectual disability (Boomerangs) will return to Loano Italy for the 2017 INAS Basketball World Championships in November.

The Boomerangs last played in Loano in 2011, where they finished fourth losing the Bronze medal playoff to Portugal 46-79.  This year they will return with a completely new team.  Led by the 2013 INAS World Championship Bronze medallists: Jarrod Thomson (VIC), Joshua Cleary (TAS), Bradley Kinross (SA) and Wayne Kinross (SA) the Boomerangs will be looking to improve on their last result in Loano.

The team has had a great preparation with a tour to Japan, the Ivor Burge Championships in Bendigo and the 2017 Queens Birthday Long Weekend Tournament in Melbourne along with several training camps.  “This time together has been invaluable for the team, both in allowing players to gel as a team and for the coaches to appreciate the players strengths and combinations.” said Simon Robinson Boomerangs Head Coach.

Other players to make their way into the team include: 2015 Global Games representatives Frazer Dawber (VIC), Justin Koenig (ACT) and Jake De La Motte (VIC) along with team debutants James Myers (VIC), Dylan Pace (TAS), and Jack Littleton (ACT).

De La Motte stood out at the Ivor Burge Championships in Bendigo, while debutantes Myers and Pace impressed with outstanding performances at the 2017 Queens Birthday tournament and the 2016 tour of Japan.  ACT’s Littleton’s size and strength will come in handy against the larger European teams.

“There is a good blend of experience and youth in the team and after just missing out on a medal in Ecuador they will be keen to go one better this tournament” Simon Robinson

While the Boomerangs are currently ranked 6th in the World they have never been far from the medals having reached the medal round in half of the Championship tournaments since 1992, winning Bronze in Portugal in 1996 and Turkey in 2013.


Frazer Dawber       (VIC)

Jake De La Motte   (VIC)

James Myers           (VIC)

Jarrod Thomson     (VIC)

Brad Kinross            (SA)

Wayne Kinross       (SA)

Dylan Pace               (Tas)

Joshua Cleary          (Tas)

Justin Koenig           (ACT)

Jack Littleton           (ACT)


Head Coach:           Simon Robinson (VIC)

Assistant Coach:    George Havakis (VIC)

Tech Asst Coach:   Justin May (VIC)

Medical:                   David Taylor (VIC)

Manager:                 Trish Currie (VIC)



Simon Robinson: Boomerangs Head Coach 0416 293 021

Robyn Smith: CEO Sport Inclusion Australia, 0418 979 459

Jan Stirling: General Manager, High Performance and Teams Basketball Australia – 03 9847 2302


Boomerangs Championship Results

Year Event Location Placing
1992 Paralympics Spain / Madrid 8th
1994 Inas World Champs Greece / Athens 5th
1996 Inas World Champs Portugal 3rd
1998 Inas World Champs Brazil / Sao Paulo 5th
2000 Paralympics Australia / Sydney 6th
2002 Inas World Champs Portugal / Madeira 4th
2004 Global Games Sweden / Bolnas 5th
2006 Inas World Champs Japan / Yokohama 4th
2009 Global Games Czech Republic / Liberec 5th
2011 Global Games Italy / Loano 4th
2013 Inas World Champs Turkey / Ankara 3rd
2015 Global Games Ecuador / Guyaquil 4th

Rivett to Represent Australia in Portugal

Andre Rivett training for the Discus at Griffith University on the Gold Coast.

Brisbane’s Andre Rivett has been selected to represent Australia at the 2017 SU-DS Athletics World Championships for athletes with Down Syndrome.  Rivett will be Australia’s first representative at the Championships which will be held from the 12th to the 16th of October in Porto Portugal.

A member of the QE II Track Club, Rivett competes regularly at Queensland Athletics competitions throwing senior weights in all of his throwing events.  For the SU-DS Championships Rivett will throw lighter weights and has had to adjust his training over the past 3 months to compensate for this change in weight, thankfully for Rivett Queensland Athletics has supported him in his preparation allowing him to throw the lighter weighted implements in recent competitions.

Rivett’s last 4 competitions has seen him set a number of personal bests in each of his throwing events and will go into the Championships in Portugal full of confidence.  Rivett’s last competition prior to the Championships was at Ipswich last weekend and saw Rivett throw a huge personal best throw of 23.14m in the Discus.

Based on previous SU-DS Athletics results, Rivett’s performances with the shot put and his recent personal best throw with the Discus have him in contention for a medal in both, with his javelin results suggesting a top 8 finish.

This will be Rivett’s second competition representing Australia having represented at the 2016 Melanesian Games in Suva, where he also competed in the Shot put, discus and javelin events.  Whilst not medalling in Suva, Rivett recorded personal best throws for shot put and javelin events.

Introduced to athletics by his sports teacher, Mrs Porter at Kuraby Special School, Rivett has competed in and trained for a number of sports, but has focussed solely on athletics for the past 6 years.  Since setting his sights on the Championships in Portugal Rivett has committed to his training program which sees him and his family make the one hour trip from Logan to the Gold Coast to train under throws coach Brett Green twice a week along with regular gym and track sessions back in Brisbane.

“The opportunity for Andre to represent his country is amazing, it has had an impact on Andre’s athletic performances and also his self esteem.  He is well recognised by other throwers and athletes who have all been very supportive.”  Steven Rivett said.

Rivett will be accompanied by his parents Steven and Christine who will fill the roles of Coach and Manager.  Team Rivett departs on the 9th of October with the Championships to be held from the 12th to the 16th.

A self funded trip, the Rivett’s have been fortunate to have support from father Steven’s employer Road Gear Australasia,  who have not only approved Steven’s leave to attend the Championships, but have also covered Andre’s costs.

Sport Inclusion Australia has traditionally worked with National and State sporting organisations to provide an opportunity for people with intellectual impairment, ensuring that sport is for all Australian’s.  A recent change has seen Sport Inclusion Australia expand its charter beyond the World health Organisations definition of intellectual disability to now include athletes with high functioning autism and significant additional impairments, e.g. down syndrome. This change has resulted in an opportunity for athletes with down syndrome to compete at the SU-DS Athletics Championships, and also upcoming INAS events.

The upcoming INAS Table Tennis and Swimming Championships will include for the first time athletes with down syndrome.  INAS is the International Federation for athletes with intellectual impairment.

For more information on sporting opportunities for people with down syndrome or intellectual impairment in Queensland please contact Chantel Lewis at Life Stream Australia on 07 3394 4399

For more information on Athletics please contact Queensland Athletics on 07 3343 0900


Australian Pearls ready for 2017 INAS Basketball World Championships in Italy

Amy Howard. Photo: Hamish Patterson

Basketball Australia have announced the 10 players selected to represent Australia (The Pearls) at the 2017 INAS Basketball World Championships in Loano, Italy in November.

The Championships for players with an intellectual impairment will see the Australian Pearls competing for the first World Championship 3×3 title.  The Australian Pearls already hold the Global Games 3×3 title which they won in Ecuador in 2015.  Australia will take two teams of 5 players each to Italy for the three on three competition.

The Australian Pearls first played the 3 on 3 format when it was introduced at the Global Games in Ecuador in 2015 coming away with the Gold and Bronze medals, adding to their unique history of achievements of having medalled in every international competition for the last 15 years.  Ranked number 1 in the world in both formats of the game the Australian Pearls are current INAS Global Games Champions (5×5), INAS World Champions (5×5) and INAS Global Games Champions (3×3).

“The 3×3 format is expanding in popularity around the world with many World Championship now playing this exciting format of the game we love.  The rules for 3×3 make the game very fast, very physical and really exciting as a spectator sport.“ said Sally Duncan Australian Team Manager. The 3 on 3 competition format made its international debut at the 2010 Youth Olympics in Singapore and was labelled the “Hottest ticket in Town”.

The INAS World Championships will be in Italy (19th – 28th November), in Loana.  The Australian Pearls are looking forward to the 2015 Gold medal rematch against Japan as well as other teams from France and the USA.

The Australian teams were selected following their last training camp in Melbourne on the weekend of 19-20 August, and with so many talented players in the squad, making the final cut to 10 was a difficult task. “The determination and commitment shown by the squad members has made it very difficult to select the final 10 players, and all of those trying out should be very proud of their contribution.  I wish we could take them all.”  Larry Davidson (Head Coach).

2015 INAS Global Games, Gold Medal winning team – Women’s 3 x 3. Photo: Hamish Patterson

The two teams will consist of some very experienced players matched with fresh young talent.

“Senior players such as Mills, Perry, Urguhart-Moran, Papworth and Harris will provide the core structure of our two teams.  Our younger players on their second / third tours will bring another level of energy and excitement into the two teams.”  Davidson said

All players have represented Australia before, making this Australian Pearls team very rich in talent and international experience.

The 10 players selected to represent Australia at the 2017 INAS Basketball World Championships are:

  • Kim Perry (NSW)
  • Eliza Mills (NSW)
  • Nicole Harris (NSW)
  • Molly Urquhart-Moran (VIC)
  • Kaitlyn Papworth (VIC)
  • Kate Leckenby (VIC)
  • Jess McCulloch (VIC)
  • Evie Patterson (VIC)
  • Brittany Anderson (ACT)
  • Amy Howard (SA)


  • Head Coach: Larry Davidson (NSW)
  • Team Manager: Sally Duncan (VIC)
  • Assistant Coach: Jo Larkin (VIC)
  • Physio: Dave Taylor (VIC)


  • Larry Davidson, Head Coach: 0417 469282
  • Sally Duncan, Team Manager: 0418 369061
  • Robyn Smith, CEO Sport Inclusion Australia: 0418 979 459
  • Jan Stirling, General Manager, High Performance and Teams Basketball Australia: 03 9847 2302


WOMEN – Pearls

Year Event Location Placing
1992 Paralympics Spain / Madrid 1st
1994 INAS World Champs Greece / Athens 2nd
1996 INAS World Champs Portugal / 2nd
1998 INAS World Champs Brazil / Sao Paulo 3rd
2002 INAS World Champs Portugal / Madeira 3rd
2004 Global Games Sweden / Bolnas 3rd
2006 INAS World Champs Japan / Yokohama 2nd
2008 INAS World Champs Italy / Rome 2nd
2009 Global Games Czech Republic / Liberec 2nd
2010 INAS World Champs Portugal / Tondela 1st
2011 Global Games Italy / Loano 1st
2015 Global Games Ecuador / Guyaquil 1st and 3rd 
2017 INAS Italy / Loano ??

Kate Leckenby (with ball) and Nicole Harris. Scrimmage during recent training camp. Photo: Hamish Patterson

2018 Australian Tennis Championships to include Mixed Doubles and increased prize money

2017 mens singles winner Sam von Einem (SA)

Tennis Australia has announced that its 2018 Australian Tennis Championships for athletes with an intellectual impairment, running from 24-27 January in Melbourne, will feature mixed doubles for the first time as well as increased prize money.

Taking place in partnership with Sport Inclusion Australia, the competition is being sanctioned by the International Federation for Athletes with an Intellectual Impairment (INAS).

It is the 21st edition of the tournament and is open to players from around the world. It will be run alongside the Australian Open with athletes playing on the same outside courts.

As well as mixed doubles, titles in men’s and women’s singles and doubles will be contested. Preliminary round and main draw matches will be held at the Albert Reserve and finals at the iconic Melbourne Park.


• International Entry Form (coming soon)

• Australia Resident Entry Form (coming soon)

National Paralympic Committee of Peoples Republic of China visit Brisbane

Members of the Chinese National Paralympic Committee, NPC, visited Brisbane last week and took the time to meet with Sport Inclusion Australia and Global Games Sports Company, CEO Ms. Robyn Smith and General Manager of the Global Games Sports Company, Mr. Greg Dunk. The Chinese delegation included Vice President NPC China Mr. Jia Yong, Deputy Secretary General NPC China Mr. Zhijun Yong and Chief Officer for Foreign Affairs, Ms. Wang Bo.

Left to right: Ms Wang Bo, Ms Robyn Smith Mr Jia Yong Mr Zhijun Yong

The meeting provided an opportunity to discuss the development of opportunities for athletes with an intellectual impairment both within China and Internationally and China’s potential to participate at the 2019 Global Games in Brisbane.

Ms. Smith has been working with China through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade through the Asian Sport Partnership program to develop opportunities for athletes with an intellectual impairment. As Vice President of the International Federation for athletes with an intellectual impairment (INAS), Ms. Smith has also been working to assist China with the eligibility process which when completed will open the door for athletes from within China to participate on the International stage at INAS and Paralympic events. The meeting enabled Ms. Smith to demonstrate the work that had been completed to date with the eligibility process and show a promotional video for the Global Games which had been translated into Chinese.

“The opportunity to meet with the Chinese National Paralympic Committee delegation face to face is so important, it provided an opportunity to demonstrate the work that we have been doing and to obtain feedback directly from the delegates. Establishing personal relationships is also extremely important as we move forward.” Ms. Smith said.

The delegation were impressed with the presentation, our commitment to people with an intellectual impairment and in particular our efforts to be inclusive of Chinese people. The delegation also confirmed they have a large number of athletes with an intellectual impairment participating in sport many of whom will be ready to compete in the INAS pathway once the eligibility process has been developed in China.

China do not have any athletes currently registered with INAS and consequently had no athletes with an intellectual impairment compete at the 2016 RIO Paralympics, where China dominated the medal tally with a staggering 239 medals. They now have their sights firmly on the additional 54 medals in the intellectual impairment area.

“Having the Chinese delegation in Brisbane and having the opportunity to discuss INAS, INAS eligibility, Classification, Oceania/Asia relations, 2019 Global Games and Australia/China relationship with him and obtain his commitment to our movement was so invaluable.” Ms. Smith said.



For further information please contact:

Robyn Smith, CEO
Sport Inclusion Australia Inc.
T: +61 3 5762 7494
M: 0418 979 459
E: robyn.smith@sportinclusionaustralia.org.au

Round 4 NGA successful recipients awarded

Round 4 NGA Successful Recipients with Lord Mayor Graham Quirk, Lady Mayoress Anne Quirk and Robyn Smith CEO Sport Inclusion Australia

Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk and Lady Mayoress Anne Quirk announced Next Generation Athlete grants and scholarships to 17 Brisbane athletes at a reception held at the Brisbane Town Hall.

The 4th round of Grants and Scholarship recognised and awarded funding to athletes to assist them in realising their sporting dreams and potentially assist them in their preparation for the 2019 INAS Global Games. Supported by the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Trust, grants and scholarships were distributed to athletes.

“Over the last 50 years the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Trust has improved the wellbeing of the most marginalised and vulnerable members of our community. I would like to congratulate all recipients today and take this opportunity to thank Sport Inclusion Australia for their hard work and dedication to facilitate inclusiveness in all sports across the Brisbane community. It is our pleasure to make a positive difference in the lives of these young athletes.” Anne Quirk, Lady Mayoress and INAS Global Games Patron.

Lord Mayor Councillor Graham Quirk was also in attendance. Inspired by fellow Brisbane resident and World Welterweight Boxing Champion Jeff Horn, the mayor provided some encouraging words to athletes. “Follow your dream to be the best that you can be in your sporting endeavours” said Lord Mayor Councillor Graham Quirk.

Athletes acknowledged the support of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Trust and the importance of the grants in helping them meet the costs of training, equipment and competition as they strive to be the best they can be.

Grants and Scholarships were awarded to athletes across Athletics, Cricket, Indoor Cricket, Netball, Swimming and Tennis.

“Sport Inclusion Australia is delighted to have developed the Next Gen Athlete program with the support of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Trust. The Next Gen Athlete program is an innovative way of identifying and supporting young athletes with an intellectual impairment in the Brisbane metropolitan region on their athletic pathway. It will assist aspiring young athletes with the help of state sporting organisations and Queensland school sport to provide an opportunity to compete at local, state, national and international level and if possible the 2019 INAS Global Games here in Brisbane.” Robyn Smith CEO Sport Inclusion Australia.

The presentation provided an opportunity to release the latest Next Generation Athlete promotional video highlighting stories of Next Gen Athlete Scholarship holders: Jack Ireland (Swimming), Yasmin Sanders (Tennis), Mac Russell (Rowing) and Alberto Campbell-Staines (Athletics). INAS Global Games Ambassador Daniel Fox (Swimming) was also in attendance.

The next grants round will open in December 2017 with grants and scholarships to be awarded in 2018.

Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress Quirk with Yasmin Sanders (Scholarship Tennis)

Recipients of Grants were:
Alex Baker (Tennis)
Haydn Brumm (Cricket)
Thomas Burrows (Athletics)
Harry Cahill (Swimming)
Jennifer Collins (Netball)
Summer Dullaway (Swimming)
Caitlin Kerby (Swimming)
Shane Kuilboer (Indoor Cricket)
Lisa Lenton (Netball)
Shaun McKee (Indoor Cricket)
Patrick O’Brien (Swimming)
Ashley-Kate Schlenner (Swimming)
Chelsea Stebbing (Swimming)
Brett Wilson (Cricket)
Aaron Wood (Cricket)

Yasmin Sanders (Tennis)
Bailey Stewart (Swimming)

Robyn Smith (CEO Sport Inclusion Australia) 0418 979 459